Engineering the Future of Software
November 13–14, 2016: Training
November 14–16, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA
Robert Lefkowitz

Robert Lefkowitz
Chief Architect, Warby Parker

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Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz is the chief architect for software at Warby Parker. Previously, Robert was a software architect in the insurance, telecommunications, and finance industries. He is also a distinguished engineer of the ACM.


4:50pm–5:40pm Wednesday, 11/16/2016
Integration architecture
Location: Tower Salon A Level: Intermediate
Robert Lefkowitz (Warby Parker)
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Whereas software development is about coding and algorithms, software architecture concerns itself with how the software components fit together. Agility is increased by removing the friction between components, using fewer components, or using prebuilt components. Robert Lefkowitz covers six techniques for improving the agility of your software development process. Read more.