Engineering the Future of Software
November 13–14, 2016: Training
November 14–16, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA
Luca Mezzalira

Luca Mezzalira
Vice President, Architecture, DAZN

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Luca Mezzalira is the vice president of architecture at DAZN. In his 16-year career, Luca has worked on cutting-edge projects for mobile (iOS, Android, and Blackberry), desktop, web, TVs, set-top boxes, and embedded devices. Luca believes the best way to learn any programming language is by mastering its models, so he’s spent a lot of time studying topics like object-oriented programming, functional programming, and reactive programming. As a result, he’s able to swap easily between different programming languages, apply best practices, and drive any team to success. Luca is a Google Developer Expert on web technologies, the author of Front-End Reactive Architectures (Apress), and manager of the London JavaScript community.


3:50pm–4:40pm Tuesday, 11/15/2016
Reactive and its variants
Location: California West Level: Advanced
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Will Reactive programming be the default choice for modern apps? When would you want to use event emitters as opposed to event streams with operators? Luca Mezzalira answers these questions and more as he provides a detailed tour of frontend architectures, including where they've been and where we're headed. Read more.