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2017 O’Reilly Security Defender Awards

The 2nd Annual O’Reilly Defender Awards acknowledge and celebrate our security heroes and heroines who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the defensive security field. To that end, we selected recipients in the following five categories.

Researcher Award

Presented to:

  • Matt Blaze, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jake Braun, University of Chicago & Cambridge Global Advisors
  • Harri Hursti, Nordic Innovation Labs
  • Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Margaret MacAlpine, Nordic Innovation Labs
  • Jeff Moss, DEFCON

in recognition of their dedication and innovative contributions to Voting Machine Hacking Village at DEFCON.

Individual Defender Award

Presented to:
Colin Morgan in recognition of his dedication and innovative contributions to Johnson & Johnson vulnerability management policy and the OneTouch Ping insulin pump.

Project Defender Award

Presented to:
Mike Arpaia, Nick Anderson, and Facebook in recognition of their dedication and innovative contributions to OSQuery.

The Rebecca Bace Pioneer Award

Presented to:
Katie Moussouris in recognition of her exemplary service to the defensive security field and her work on vulnerability discovery and disclosure strategy.

People’s Champion Award

Presented to:

  • Adrienne Porter Felt, Google
  • Alex Ainslie, Google
  • Robert W. Reeder, Google
  • Sunny Consolvo, Google
  • Somas Thyagaraja, Google
  • Alan Bettes, Google
  • Helen Harris, Google
  • Jeff Grimes, University of Pennsylvania

for their insights into opinionated design, UX and privacy & security decisions in their paper, Improving SSL Warnings: Comprehension and Adherence.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!