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October 29–30, 2017: Training
October 30–November 1, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Quiessence Phillips

Quiessence Phillips
Deputy CISO, Threat Management, City of New York

Website | @itsquiessence

Quiessence Phillips is the Threat Management Lead for New York City’s Cyber Command, where she leads the Security Operations Center, CERT and Threat Intelligence functions. A cybersecurity professional with 10 years of experience working within the financial industry as well as a mom, mentor, coder, hacker, and strategist.

Quiessence is the cofounder of a nonprofit EdTech organization – JOURNi, which is building an authentically inclusive tech ecosystem in Detroit.

In efforts to get more women into cybersecurity, she also started Securing Your Path – a community for women interested in forging their path in the industry.


1:15pm–1:55pm Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Security analytics
Location: Sutton North
Quiessence Phillips (City of New York)
In a daily fight to secure organizations, security analysts are inundated with a massive log set (if one is so fortunate), but with it comes a high signal-to-noise ratio. Increase your signal by adding context to your logs. Join Quiessence Phillips to learn about the type of context that could be added and the value of its addition. Read more.