Build Better Defenses
October 29–30, 2017: Training
October 30–November 1, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Christoph Hartmann

Christoph Hartmann
Engineering Manager, Chef Compliance, Chef Software

Website | @chri_hartmann

Christoph Hartmann is a cofounder and lead engineer at Chef, where he has spent the last decade building complex software and infrastructure systems. Previously, Christoph was responsible for automation at the innovation laboratory at Deutsche Telekom and created effective solutions managing the future their core networks. He is the cofounder of InSpec, Chef Compliance, and the project.


1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Security usability
Location: Beekman
Christoph Hartmann (Chef Software), Dominik Richter (Chef Software)
It's still very cumbersome to implement best practices for server hardening and patching. As a result, many servers are still unsecured. Christoph Hartmann and Dominik Richter offer an overview of InSpec—an open source tool for infrastructure, security, and compliance testing—and demonstrate how patch and security level can be assessed in CI/CD and production environments. Read more.