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Meet the Experts with Jack Naglieri and Austin Byers

Jack Naglieri (Airbnb), Austin Byers (Airbnb)
2:50pm–3:50pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Location: MTE (Table 1)

Austin and Jack are here to discuss their open source projects StreamAlert and BinaryAlert and answer your questions about serverless AWS infrastructure.

Photo of Jack Naglieri

Jack Naglieri


Jack Naglieri is a security engineer at Airbnb. Jack has a passion for DevOps, security, and infrastructure. His exposure to information security began as an incident responder for Verisign. He spent several years at Yahoo as an incident responder before transitioning into a security engineering role, where he focused on deploying security monitoring tools at scale. Jack is the principal engineer on StreamAlert, a framework that enables serverless, real-time data analysis at scale. He holds a degree from George Mason University.

Photo of Austin Byers

Austin Byers


Austin Byers is a software engineer on the security team at Airbnb, where he contributes to Airbnb’s encryption services and incident response tools, including Cipher and StreamAlert, respectively. Most recently, he designed and implemented YARA as a service (YaaS), a soon-to-be open-sourced serverless binary analysis pipeline. Austin was the first security graduate from the University of Chicago computer science program, where his research focused on building a foundation for client-side web transparency by classifying JavaScript changes according to the scope of their impact.