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October 29–30, 2017: Training
October 30–November 1, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Supercharge your SIEM with Cloudera

TJ Laher (Cloudera)
1:15pm–1:55pm Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Location: Sutton Center

What you'll learn

  • Learn how Cloudera empowers cybersecurity innovators to optimize SIEM deployments


Security information event management (SIEM) systems have become the go-to application for cybersecurity practitioners, but they come with a hefty cost. This can include historic data being unreachable, advanced analytic limitations, and reduced enterprise visibility due to scale issues.

TJ Laher explains how Cloudera empowers cybersecurity innovators to optimize SIEM deployments. Pairing SIEMs with Cloudera allows enterprises to proactively assess threats by accelerating anomaly detection, investigation, and response with machine learning and complete enterprise visibility. Cloudera’s solution, paired with Apache Spot, can infinitely scale data storage, access, and machine learning; deploy a community defined open data model to break vendor lock-in and gain complete enterprise visibility; and open up application flexibility while building on a future-proofed architecture.

This session is sponsored by Cloudera.

Photo of TJ Laher

TJ Laher


TJ Laher is cybersecurity marketing lead at Cloudera. TJ has worked with a variety of disruptive technology companies in the Bay Area, launching and positioning products and growing companies through data-driven marketing techniques. Previously, TJ worked with an early-stage AI startup Ayasdi, where he helped Fortune 500 companies mine high-dimensional data to deploy novel big data applications. This experience gave TJ firsthand knowledge of how intelligent use of data will have a positive and long-lasting impact on organizations and societies around the world.