October 30–31, 2016: Training
October 31–November 2, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Schedule: Sponsored sessions

1:15pm–1:55pm Tuesday, 11/01/2016
Location: Petit Trianon (Sponsored)
Rocky DeStefano (Cloudera)
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Rocky DeStefano outlines a more scalable and future-proof platform for detecting security threats based on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spot (incubating), exploring real-world examples of how to accomplish a more scalable, flexible, and complete approach to finding advanced threats than the traditional SIEM-based approached in use today. Read more.
2:10pm–2:50pm Tuesday, 11/01/2016
Location: Petit Trianon (Sponsored)
Chris Martin (LogRhythm)
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Often, a multitude of activities and signals occur between an initial intrusion and a data breach. Chris Martin explains why detecting early indicators, such as compromised credentials, command-and-control activity, or suspicious lateral movement, can often provide the necessary lead time to respond to and neutralize a threat before it leads to a material breach. Read more.
3:50pm–4:30pm Tuesday, 11/01/2016
Location: Petit Trianon (Sponsored)
Paul Poh (SecurityScorecard)
Securing the digital fortress has been a security best practice for the past few decades. However, a static point-in-time questionnaire during the procurement phase is no longer adequate. Paul Poh explores the techniques used to continuously measure the security posture and maturity of a third-party service provider. Read more.
1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 11/02/2016
Location: Petit Trianon (Sponsored)
Mike Hanley (Duo Security)
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As an access security provider, Duo sees billions of authentication and access events each year from tens of thousands of customers across huge user and device populations. Mike Hanley presents the major trends and patterns at Internet scale emerging from Duo's unique visibility into the users, devices, networks, and services that make up enterprise remote access. Read more.
2:10pm–2:50pm Wednesday, 11/02/2016
Location: Petit Trianon (Sponsored)
Jacob Hansen (Cobalt), Caroline Wong (Cobalt)
The first wave of appsec started with boutique consultancies in the '90s. The second wave brought automation and scale to the masses with security scanners. Rapid deployment and increasing complexity is driving the third wave, which features a liquid supply of globally sourced researchers. Jacob Hansen and Caroline Wong hold a forward-looking discussion on what’s coming next. Read more.