Training: 8–9 November 2016
Tutorials & Conference: 9–11 November 2016
Amsterdam, NL
Mira Thambireddy

Mira Thambireddy
Security Engineer, LinkedIn

Mira Thambireddy is an information security engineer at LinkedIn, where she is a part of LinkedIn’s Application Security and Penetration Testing team. Previously, Mira worked as a security consultant in Silicon Valley. She holds a master’s degree in information security from Carnegie Mellon University.


13:15–13:55 Friday, 11 November, 2016
Tech, tools, and processes
Location: G103 Level: Intermediate
James Baker (LinkedIn), Mira Thambireddy (LinkedIn)
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As traffic to websites and web applications increases, infrastructure must be put in place to handle scaling—but with that comes an increased risk for security breaches. James Baker and Mira Thambireddy dive into specific client-side vulnerabilities, discussing design patterns that scale an application securely and which frameworks currently in the market already employ these practices. Read more.