Training: 8–9 November 2016
Tutorials & Conference: 9–11 November 2016
Amsterdam, NL
Jelle Niemantsverdriet

Jelle Niemantsverdriet
Director, Deloitte

Jelle Niemantsverdriet is a director at Deloitte specializing in cyber incident response. Jelle has extensive experience in leading large international IR and forensics projects across various industries worldwide. While working at Verizon, he was one of the coauthors of the annual Data Breach Investigations Report. Jelle draws on his experience in dealing with incidents to help companies effectively build their security organizations. He passionately looks for analogies with other disciplines and tries to convey the view that security should truly enable the objectives of the business. Jelle is a regular conference speaker and aims for lively and nonstandard presentation content and style.


13:15–13:55 Thursday, 10 November, 2016
The human element
Location: G102 Level: Non-technical
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Why do certain devices, programs, or companies lead to utter frustration while others consistently delight us? What can we learn from these insights when dealing with human behavior related to security? Jelle Niemantsverdriet explores user-centered design methods in other disciplines like economy, psychology and marketing that can help us build security in a truly usable way. Read more.