Rack in Rails 3

Presentation: Rack in Rails 3 Presentation [PDF]

One of the largest general architectural enhancements in Rails 3 is a
steep increase in modularity. Nowhere is this more evident than the
refactoring of ActionController into a series of Rack middleware
components. In this talk, we’ll take a look at Rack: why it was
created, how it caught fire across Ruby web frameworks, and how to
build Rack components that further extend Rails 3’s HTTP pipeline.

Photo of Ryan Tomayko

Ryan Tomayko


Ryan Tomayko has been writing about web architecture since 2003 and
contributed to Rails core as early as 2005. He created Rack::Cache, is
one of the core Sinatra hackers, and is a member of the Rack core
team. Ryan works at GitHub loves UNIX.