Rails 2 to the 3 (Abridged)

This talk will describe every small detail that has been changed from Rails 2 to Rails 3 in just 19 minutes, with the final minute dedicated to reading the code of ActiveSupport aloud, in its entirety. Obviously kidding! With only 20 minutes this talk will give an overview of what has improved with a highlight reel of some of the best parts (think touchdowns, field goals, and often shouting “Look at how much code I’m not writing”).

Photo of Gregg Pollack

Gregg Pollack

Open SourceCraft

Gregg Pollack is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching software development online. Most recently he is the host of Open SourceCraft, a show about the people who are passionate about Open Source Software. He also founded Code School, an online software programming school which was acquired by Pluralsight, Envy, a web application development firm, and Starter Studio, Orlando’s first technical accelerator now in it’s seventh class. He is on the advisory board for the FireSpring Fund, Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Canvs Co-working space, and the Rollins Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship.