Jon Dahl

Jon Dahl
Managing Partner, Phronos


Jonathan Dahl is a developer and entrepreneur who started using Ruby on Rails in 2005, as a founding partner at Slantwise Design. He has written gems and plugins and led development on more than a dozen Rails applications, which run the spectrum from Web 2.0 to the enterprise.

Most recently, he has focused on Zencoder, a distributed video transcoding product, and Tumblon, a web-based service for parents to track and share their children’s growth.


10:45–11:30 Wednesday, 3-09-2008
Location: Salon 4 Level: Expert
Jon Dahl (Phronos)
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MapReduce is the distributed processing algorithm that powers Google. EC2 offers on-demand computing. MapReduce can be implemented using Ruby and EC2, providing processing power to Rails applications for a variety of purposes. This talk will cover MapReduce, a Ruby-based implementation using EC2, and how your Rails application may or may not benefit from MapReduce. Read more.
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