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Jarkko Laine
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Jarkko Laine is one of the earliest Rails evangelists in Europe, with more than two years of experience in teaching and giving talks about Rails. He wrote Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional together with Christian Hellsten and is the founder of the Finnish Rails user community. He currently works as a senior developer for dotherightthing.com, a site for rating and discussing the social performance of world’s businesses, and writes a new ebook on accessible Ajax on Rails for Peepcode. In his freetime, Jarkko runs through forests like a gnu and writes about anything he finds interesting on his weblog at jlaine.net.


8:30–12:00 Tuesday, 2-09-2008
Location: Saal Maritim C Level: Intermediate
Jarkko Laine (O'Design), Geoffrey Grosenbach (Ruby on Rails Podcast)
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(3.29, 21 ratings)
Rails Ajax helpers are easy to use but have one glaring problem: the Javascript they produce is often totally inaccessible and in any case obtrusive and hard to maintain when your application grows in size. In this tutorial, Dan Webb and Jarkko Laine teach you how building accessible and unobtrusive Ajax applications on top of Rails can be both as easy and as fast as sticking to the old methods. Read more.
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