9:00–9:15 Wednesday, 3-09-2008
General, Keynote
Location: Saal Maritim ABC Level: Novice
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Opening remarks.

Photo of David A.  Black

David A. Black


David A. Black is a well-known Ruby programmer, trainer, author, speaker, and
event organizer. David is one of the founding directors of Ruby Central,
, and has been a co-organizer of every RubyConf
since the first one in 2001, program co-chair for RailsConf, and program chair
for RailsConf Europe. Active in the Ruby world since 2000, David is the author
of The Well-Grounded Rubyist (Manning
Publications, 2009), a Ruby standard library contributor, and a frequent invited
speaker at technical conferences and user groups in the US, Canada, and Europe.
He is also the director of Ruby Power and Light, a principal with Arcturo, a Strategic Advisor, Ruby and Rails Training for Cyrus Innovation, and a member of the Professional Development Committee
of ACM.

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