Achieving High Throughput and Scalability with JRuby on Rails

13:40–14:25 Wednesday, 3-09-2008
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Location: Salon 2 Level: Novice
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This session will focus on the performance lessons learned during the development of a developer collaboration web application. First we will describe the application, its architecture, its software/hardware stacks, and how we achieve high availability and scalability in each tier. Second, we will present our performance goals, the implementation of our opensource-based benchmark kit, and how benchmarking drove the evolution of our architecture from the beginning. Finally, we will present the tunning applied at each layer of our software stack and how our hardware choices and limitations affected this tunning.

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Fernando Castano

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I am a Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems. I worked in performance and benchmarking of multi-tier applications for the last 6 years, with special focus on database performance. I currently works in the connected development team at Sun as a database architect and performance engineer.

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