The Renegade's Guide to Hacking Rails Internals

8:30–12:00 Tuesday, 2-09-2008
Location: Saal Maritim A Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
(4.17, 6 ratings)

This far-reaching tutorial will give Intermediate and Advanced Rails developers a crash course in hacking and extending Rails internals.

The topics covered will include:

  • Ruby Meta-programming Techniques
  • Rails Abstractions, Idioms & Mixins
  • Rails Structure & Initialization
  • A Tour of the Rails Class Loader
  • Plugin Locators and Loaders
  • Codebase Modularization using Rails Plugins
  • Extending ActionView Form Builders
  • Site-wide Settings

and much more…

Pradeep Elankumaran

Intridea, Inc

Pradeep is the Director of R&D for Intridea, Inc, where he helps build SocialSpring, a modular enterprise social-networking platform. A former computational scientist, Pradeep was writing sophisticated astrophysical simulations in Ruby well before the language became fashionable. Since then, he has been working with and thinking a lot about social networks, machine learning and applying mathematical models to social data.

Photo of Michael Bleigh

Michael Bleigh


Michael Bleigh is the Creative Director of Intridea and oversees the design and vision for Intridea’s products. He is an active member of the Southeast Michigan Ruby Users Group and a proponent of unobtrusive behavioral scripting. Michael is an experienced designer and developer in Rails, XHTML, CSS, and Adobe Flex.

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