Rails with an Accent - Organising a Regional Conference

14:30–15:15 Wednesday, 3-09-2008
Location: Saal Maritim C Level: Intermediate
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This year, I co-organised Scotland on Rails ( http://scotlandonrails.com/ ) – the first regional Ruby/Rails conference in the UK. We attracted around 70 delegates and 20 speakers from all over the world – both local developers, and more famous names (including Koz, Jim Weirich, Bruce Williams, and David A Black.

As I write this abstract (March 16th) the conference is still 3 weeks away, but already we’ve learned a lot of what works and doesn’t work, and how we might do things differently for Conference09.

We’ll talk about the basics – like choosing the venue and the dates, but we’ll also cover some stuff that’s a little more involved – like choosing keynotes, collecting payments, organising a charity day, and organising shirts and programs.

If you’re interested in community building, and you think your local user group could run a conference, the talk will help you make your own mistakes instead of ours.

Photo of Alan Francis

Alan Francis

Cardboard Software

I used to be a process consultant working with XP and Agile. I was the third independent signatory on the Agile Manifesto. I’m now working primarily with Ruby, with a bit of Agile on the side.

Agile-wise, I’ve worked for ObjectMentor, ThoughtWorks and eXoftware and with clients like Coca-Cola, JPMorgan, Egg and AOL. Ruby-wise, I’m working with EdgeCase and FiveRuns.

I’m proud Ruby/Rails contributor by way of three small patches for Rails and one for RubyGems, I spoke on XP and Rails at RailsConf2007 and co-organised the Scotland On Rails conference in 2008 and 2009.

Paul Wilson

Mere Complexities

Paul is an Edinburgh based Agile Consultant and programmer. He was relieved when he discovered Ruby and Rails, having previously worked mostly with J2EE.

Paul is an active member of the Scottish Agile and Ruby Communities.

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