Hacking the Mid-End: Unobtrusive Scripting and Advanced UI Techniques in Rails

10:45–11:30 Wednesday, 3-09-2008
Location: Saal Maritim A Level: Expert
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As web application development advances beyond the static page, a whole new field of development is emerging. In the Javascript behavior layer and markup abstracting helpers lie the ’Mid-End’: advanced user interface problems that don’t fit traditional ‘back-end’ and ‘front-end’ models. Explore this new field with case studies and real code such as usage of Lowpro Javascript behaviors to keep the behavior separate from the markup. Learn how to give back-end developers the tools to create simple, repeatable, quality markup through block-accepting helpers. Discuss the methods that allow for rapid development of complex interactions in new and exciting ways and see real examples. Finally, look into the future of the Mid-End and what lies ahead for user interface development.

Photo of Michael Bleigh

Michael Bleigh


Michael Bleigh is the Creative Director of Intridea and oversees the design and vision for Intridea’s products. He is an active member of the Southeast Michigan Ruby Users Group and a proponent of unobtrusive behavioral scripting. Michael is an experienced designer and developer in Rails, XHTML, CSS, and Adobe Flex.

Photo of Chris Selmer

Chris Selmer


Chris Selmer is Director of Extreme Product Development at Intridea, Inc, where he leads small development teams on fast-paced Ruby on Rails projects. He is an active member of the Rails community and helps run the Washington DC Ruby User Group.

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