Genomes on Rails

10:45–11:30 Thursday, 4-09-2008
Location: Saal Maritim A Level: Intermediate
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The Human Genome Project aimed to determine the entire DNA sequence of man: it was completed in 13 years after an international effort and a billion dollar budget. To further our understanding of DNA, genes, proteins and their function, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is building the platform to investigate what makes us who we are, using Ruby and Rails.

This real-world case study will cover the infrastructure required to handle multi-petabyte, highly scalable systems along with how we’re using Rails to build flexible, interoperable software.

  • How Rails runs our next gen sequencing pipeline
  • Rapid prototyping in a fast moving environment
  • Deploying with mongrel clusters, legacy Oracle integration and a massive storage array
  • Weaving together multiple Ruby, Rails and Perl apps using RESTful web services
  • Open source and open data: adding value to data on the web

Perl was instrumental in sequencing the original human genome in 13 years. Learn how Ruby is playing a central role in sequencing another hundred genomes in the next 13 months.

Photo of Matt Wood

Matt Wood

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Matt Wood heads up software development at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where he is responsible for the software that drives the Institute’s world class sequencing facility and putting that biological data to work to further our knowledge of health and disease.

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