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Thanks to everyone who participated in RailsConf Europe 2008.

Although the conference was well received and we know there's a strong commitment to Rails in the European community, we unfortunately did not generate enough revenue from the event to go forward with it this year--particularly with the economy the way it is. So we're not planning to hold a RailsConf Europe event in 2009 but we're still interested in holding the event again some time in the future.

If you're open to traveling to the US, you're welcome to join us at RailsConf in Las Vegas, Nevada, happening May 4-7, 2009. And there are some other good local Rails events in Europe this year like:

—Ruby Central and the O'Reilly Conference team

Check out all the highlights from Berlin:

Rails Turns 2.1!

With the release of Rails 2.0 at the end of 2007, Rails has moved into the next phase of its evolution. It's no longer a newcomer; it's a mature technology, with a tremendous and still rapidly growing presence in the world of Web development. And Rails has stayed true to its roots, with programmer comfort, productivity, and maintainability as the hallmarks of its architecture and style.

Rails is written in Ruby, an object-oriented scripting language with roots in Perl, Lisp, and Smalltalk, but particularly popular in the Agile development community and among programmers who value elegance, flexibility, and readability. Rails developers leverage the strengths of the Ruby language at every phase of application development, from database initialization to HTML templating.

The European developer community showed itself to be deeply interested in Rails at RailsConf Europe 2007, and the co-presenters of that event, Ruby Central and O'Reilly Media, are coming back to do it again. RailsConf Europe 2008, happening 2-4 September 2008 in Berlin, will feature presentations, keynotes, and tutorials by experts from the full spectrum of Rails techniques and practices. Seasoned Rails practitioners and newcomers alike will find a program honed to their particular interests and needs. Learn more about RailsConf Europe

co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. O'Reilly
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