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For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at RailsConf, contact Yvonne Romaine at yromaine@oreilly.com.

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Dr. Nic Williams

Dr. Nic Williams
CEO, Stark & Wayne

Website | @drnic

Dr Nic works at Engine Yard as VP Technology, responsible for Engine Yard’s Open Source program and Advanced Weapons Lab.
Through his role at Engine Yard he is excited about the technologies and processes for making Rails application hum in production, for the automation and simplification of development, continuous integration, deployment and the ongoing parenting of a production web application.


Location: Ballroom I - II
Please note: This and all other keynotes will be live streamed and recorded.
Dr. Nic Williams (Stark & Wayne)
Average rating: ***..
(3.69, 49 ratings)
Dr. Nic Williams takes you through the vagaries of Ruby's evolution, with an emphasis on the past and future of JRuby and Rubinius. Read more.
Products and Services
Location: Room 345
Dr. Nic Williams (Stark & Wayne)
Average rating: ***..
(3.50, 10 ratings)
This Year, Dr. Nic hosts Engine Yard's sponsored sessions, which were given away to members of the Ruby on Rails community who did not otherwise get the chance to speak at RailsConf this year. The speakers were nominated by the community, so don't miss it--the people have spoken! Read more.
Location: Ballroom III
Dr. Nic Williams (Stark & Wayne)
Average rating: ****.
(4.50, 2 ratings)
The path to becoming a "Top Gun" of Ruby on Rails starts with first being interested in airplanes, flying really fast, and making smart-assed jokes like "There's two Os in 'Goose', boys." The achievements and glory seem to only if you come first, "No points for second place." At the end of Top Gun, Maverick gets the girl and becomes a Top Gun instructor. Time to teach. Time to share the wisdom. Read more.