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End-to-End CoffeeScript

Location: Room 347
Average rating: ***..
(3.48, 25 ratings)
  • Presented by Trevor Burnham

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Picture of Conrad Taylor
Conrad Taylor
05/19/2011 8:33pm EDT

I’m sorry that I missed this one but I look forward to reading the slides. However, I would like to thank you for presenting this session.

Picture of Konstantin Gredeskoul
Konstantin Gredeskoul
05/18/2011 1:49pm EDT

Any chance for a link to slides?

Picture of Wesley Gamble
Wesley Gamble
05/18/2011 10:52am EDT

Good info. Well presented given time constraints.

Picture of Joost Elfering
Joost Elfering
05/18/2011 9:19am EDT

The talk was interesting intro into back-end to front-end JS in CoffeeScript. I found it enjoyable but a bit overcrowded. Next time please get a bigger room. my legs fell asleep sitting on the floor.

Picture of Trevor Burnham
Trevor Burnham
05/17/2011 3:23pm EDT

“End-to-end” in this case refers to running the same code on both the client and the server. Right now that’s a kind of a crazy, boundary-pushing hack, but I think it’s the future.

I’ll talk a little bit about CoffeeScript basics, then I’ll go through an example that shows how you can run the same CoffeeScript (or JavaScript) code on both the front and back ends of a Rails 3.1 app for a common use case: validation.

Picture of Andy Neuschatz
Andy Neuschatz
05/16/2011 5:35pm EDT

Can you tell us anything about this talk? Anything? “End-to-end” could mean it’s an introduction or that it’s about the arcane details.