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Beyond Agile

Moderated by: Scott Bellware
Location: Table One

Beyond Agile? Didn’t Agile just get started? Why would we need to move beyond it already? Agile Development has became the dominant methodology choice for software development, but it’s not just because Agile is now popular that we need to consider what’s beyond it. Just as Agile emerged to address mindset problems with methodologies of the late–90s, ten years later, Agile shows the same symptoms of the methodologies that it sought to challenge. Lessons–learned in a decade of Agile point to the evolution of the next generation of approaches. Deeper explanations of why Agile (or any methodology) works are clearer after a decade of experience with Agile, as are explanations of how it can fail, and what early warnings of failure to look out for. Wether you plan to continue to use Agile, or whether you’re looking to move beyond it, this session will help you to make the best of software development without getting caught up in the methodological conflict that pops up every ten years as a once–revolutionary methodology becomes entrenched. Lets talk about the principles that underly Agile and provide a clearer explanation of why and how things work.