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Rails Developers and the Importance of ipv6

Aaron Lee (Rackspace Hosting), Munjal Budhabhatti (ThoughtWorks, Inc.)
Products and Services
Location: Room 345

Tracking ipv6 addresses is a technically challenging problem and is important to the Rails developer community. In this discussion we will discuss, What is ipv4? What killed it? What is ipv6 and how does it rescue the internet? Why is ipv6 important for a rails developer? ipv6 offers better security, but how do you represent ipv6 in network devices, databases (relational and non-relational), frameworks (rails), UI, etc.? In addition to a general discussion on ipv6, we will take you through how Rackspace solved the ipv6 problem.

This session is sponsored by Rackspace

Aaron Lee

Rackspace Hosting

Aaron is a lead developer at Rackspace. He spent the last 3 years utilizing Rails to solve interesting problems, including helping Rackspace automate their data centers. Prior to that he created an entertainment display managed by an embedded Rails server, and worked to get Team Gray to the semifinals at the DARPA Urban Challenge.

Munjal Budhabhatti

ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Munjal Budhabhatti is a lead consultant at ThoughtWorks, an internationally recognized software development company. He possesses over 13 years of experience in designing large-scale enterprise applications and has implemented innovative solutions for some of the largest data centers, microfinance, and financial organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. He spends most of his time creating well-designed applications using agile processes.