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Ruby and Rails Packaging to Production: The Unusual Should Be Usual!

Fabio Kung (Locaweb)
Location: Ballroom IV
Presentation: external link
Average rating: ***..
(3.33, 9 ratings)

Many teams and projects I’ve been involved with are deploying ruby applications in an atypic way, i.e. different from the mainstream “cap deploy”. It has been a very nice experience so far, and I would like to share. Come hear why some people think that there are better and not much explored ways of deploying ruby and rails systems.

This talk will cover:

  • production environments: rails and ruby in general
  • deploying inside Linux systems
  • Linux packaging (deb, rpm)
  • configuration management (have you ever wondered why everyone is talking about chef, cf3 and puppet?)
  • being nice with your servers, system administrators and sysops
  • bundler, rubygems and rvm in production
  • similarities and differences with other languages and platforms
Photo of Fabio Kung

Fabio Kung


Fabio Kung is the lead engineer of the cloud computing team at Locaweb (Brazil), the biggest public cloud vendor and hosting provider in Latin America. Together with his team, they develop Locaweb’s cloud IaaS, infrastructure automation and virtualization projects (Xen and VMWare), which handle 4000+ virtual machines and are managed by Ruby code. Fabio is a developer passionated about programming languages, compilers, virtualization (hypervisors), operating systems and computer networks. Apple fanboy and Linux user since Guarani Linux 3.0. Involved with Ruby since 2005.