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Why You Should Never Use An ORM

John Nunemaker (OrderedList, Inc.)
Location: Ballroom III
Presentation: external link
Average rating: ***..
(3.76, 33 ratings)

Having built two object mappers in Ruby (MongoMapper and ToyStore), I would like to throw out a crazy thought. What if, on your next project, you ditch the ORM.

No ActiveRecord. No DataMapper. No anything. Just you and a lower level driver, whispering sweet nothings into Ruby classes and modules. Could you? Would you? DARE you?

We Rubyists are all about aesthetics, right? We love declaring has_many and belongs_to! Scope this! Boom! Instant magic happens behind the scenes. Fancy proxies are assembled, relational algebra is executed, and SQL queries fall from the heavens.

Your ORM does not have to do everything for you. This talk will teach you to:

  • Design your interfaces
  • Think about your queries
  • Understand your databases
  • Think differently
Photo of John Nunemaker

John Nunemaker

OrderedList, Inc.

John Nunemaker is passionate, driven and addicted to new. He is the CTO at Ordered List, where he creates simple, usable websites and web applications. You may remember him from such feature films as RailsTips.org, MongoMapper, HTTParty or the Twitter gem.

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Charles Feduke
05/17/2011 6:37pm EDT

John is a great presenter, appeared very comfortable on stage and great material.

Robert Fox
05/17/2011 1:59pm EDT

Action packed presentation, John. There was so much information packed into your presentation that it seemed like we were on fast-forward. Is there any chance that your slides, plus an audio recording of your presentation would be posted anywhere?