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Using Beautiful APIs to Split and Scale Your Application

John Crepezzi (Broadstreet Ads)
Location: Ballroom II
Average rating: **...
(2.09, 67 ratings)

Making a comprehensive (and performant) API for your application can be really challenging, especially without ending up rewriting large parts of what you already have, or being overly dependent on the original application.

This talk will go through some great new techniques for creating a separate service which exposes the data layer of your application for both:

  • an clean, external facing API; and
  • internally as a data service, (without requiring you to rewrite code or change drastically how you develop)

Splitting parts of your application out into services can be an amazing win for easy scale, and for developer sanity – and it doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as it seems.

While most of the talk will focus on techniques and best practices, I will also be announcing the release of a set of libraries for building and working with APIs – and tying them into an existing Rails application with zero to minimal effort.

I’m very excited about the impact that this talk will have on how we develop and view services, and I truly believe my talk is a must-see for anyone looking to scale their application in pieces beyond normal limits.

Photo of John Crepezzi

John Crepezzi

Broadstreet Ads

John is a Rails developer working at Patch in New York City. He’s built a few popular Ruby gems – most notably IceCube, TrackHistory, and EasyTranslate. He’s also a core contributor to CodeIgniter, and loves to develop and share the things he builds.

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Jeffrey Cutler
05/18/2011 4:41pm EDT

I enjoyed the part about FlexibleApi and look forward to trying to use it. That being said, there was not enough content for the time allotted and as other posters have said, the presentation was mis-titled and described. Also, the presenter really needs to slow down when going through his slides. At times I’d glance down as I was taking notes and he was already changing to the next slide before I looked up.

Ian Guffy
05/17/2011 4:57pm EDT

The talk focused primarily on a tool John Crepezzi wrote (FlexibleAPI), rather than on general or Rails-specific techniques for how to use “Beautiful APIs to Split and Scale Your Application”. While on the one hand the specific tool seems like it would be very handy to use, it wasn’t what he was billed to talk about and felt like a waste of time for people who can’t use FlexibleAPI.

Robert Wickesser
05/17/2011 4:38pm EDT

I was expecting this to be more architectural based as opposed to discussing a project/API. However, I appreciated the fact that John is trying to do something to help us be more lazy and was willing to put it out there.

Picture of Steven Soroka
Steven Soroka
05/17/2011 4:16pm EDT

Interesting, but not at all what I was expecting.

Picture of Adam Rubin
Adam Rubin
05/17/2011 1:48pm EDT

This started off intriguing, but fell flat quickly. The solution presented almost seemed anti-rails—which would be fine, but a) it’s a rails conference and b) the reasons for diverging from the “rails way” were never explained.

It felt more like a lightning talk than a well-thought-out presentation on implementing APIs in Rails.

Charles Feduke
05/17/2011 1:33pm EDT

This presentation was short. I think it did allow for some thoughtful questions. With this sort of talk about a specific OSS project I think a review of the source code would fill out the time a bit better and talk not only about the project itself but how certain problems were solved in the project.