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Infiltrating Ruby onto the Enterprise Death Star using Guerilla tactics

Luis Lavena (AREA 17)
Location: Ballroom III
Average rating: **...
(2.17, 12 ratings)

While Ruby has been both hacker and user friendly for the vast majority of the community, we cannot state the same for Windows developers.

It is undeniable that a huge segment of current and potential Ruby users come from corporate environments where Windows is mandated. Early adopters hit many walls during their experience leaving a bad image of the language. This was due to a lack of documentation, cumbersome installation process or even the lack of support for a particular needed library.

New users wanting to try Rails and/or Ruby libraries suffer from these fundamental issues.

This poses a major problem for any Open Source project wanting to support the huge community under the domination of the Emperor.

Brining open source into corporate environments takes not only time and perseverance, but also creative ways to inter connect systems and solve problems.

My presentation focuses on the challenges outlined above, both proposing and showing how open source tools may be incorporated within the Death Star’s underlying infrastructure.

We will not only cover the Windows-developer side but also how Non-Windows Ruby developers can use certain tools to ease the path of their Windows counterparts.
We show how this may be accomplished, guerilla style, one open source tool at a time.

I personally believe that Windows, while most Mac/Linux developers wish it die, is still alive and will be for a long time to come. The force requires balance to exist properly. Let us learn to use the force together.

Leading the way by showing Windows developers the possibilities of open source tools, it is finally possible to open the doors of both enterprise and new business for all developers.

Photo of Luis Lavena

Luis Lavena


During the day, Luis Lavena is technical director at AREA 17, working on projects across the globe.

At night, he is the lead developer of RubyInstaller for Windows, a successor of once known One-Click Installer project that aims to reduce differences for Ruby users running Windows.

He also created other projects that helped Ruby developers in other platforms (not just Windows) and oversees other libraries so they are cross-platform friendly, looking for compliance beyond “works on my machine”

As his twitter account states, he can be defined as *nix developers worst nightmare…

He is also a RubyGems contributor and recently become Ruby-Core committer as one of the Ruby’s MinGW maintainers.

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Picture of Wesley Gamble
Wesley Gamble
05/19/2011 11:47am EDT

Not bad – more library focused than I expected. Philosophically though, I’m on board :).