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Getting Started With JavaScript Testing

CJ Kihlbom (Elabs), Jonas Nicklas (Elabs)
Location: Ballroom IV
Presentation: external link
Average rating: ***..
(3.83, 29 ratings)

Testing and craftsmanship are huge in the Ruby Community, but most people ignore testing the JavaScript parts of their applications, thinking that it’s too hard to test that. This talk will show them that it’s not hard, and hopefully inspire people to bring their testing skills to the front end. As more and more web applications rely on JavaScript for a lot of their view and controller logic, it’s time everyone started testing their JavaScript code properly.

This talk will be presented together with Jonas Nicklas. Jonas is the author of Capybara, the most popular library for JavaScript-enabled integration tests.

We gave a version of this talk at RubyConf 2010 (http://speakerrate.com/talks/5077-the-front-end-testing-frontier) and got lots of great feedback. I strongly feel that it is much better suited and more needed at RailsConf though, since it’s all about testing (the non-Ruby part of) web applications.

Photo of CJ Kihlbom

CJ Kihlbom


CJ Kihlbom is the founder of Elabs, an agile web development and design shop in Sweden, and the organizer of Nordic Ruby. He switched to Ruby in 2004 when Rails came along, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Jonas Nicklas


Jonas Nicklas is a developer at Elabs, and the author of Capybara and Evergreen. He has very strong opionions on a lot of things, especially Cucumber.

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Picture of CJ Kihlbom
CJ Kihlbom
05/18/2011 8:26am EDT

Thanks to everyone who came to our talk! You can find our slides at front-end-testing-talk.elab...>

Check out the sample code at github.com/elabs/front_end_...>

We’d really appreciate if you could give us feedback at spkr8.com/t/7539 !

Paul Morganthall
05/18/2011 7:35am EDT

Good coverage of tools available. speakers were great at repeating questions from the audience.