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Geospace your Rails Apps!

Peter Jackson (Intridea)
Location: Ballroom IV
Average rating: ***..
(3.48, 23 ratings)

This session is intended for intermediate Rails developers who would like to start building location based applications, but may not know the full breadth of the toolkits available.

We will start by examining the different types of location-based applications. Then we will look at the anatomy of a typical location-based application, and the elements of the spatial tool stack that apply to each geospatial element in the application. The relative strengths and weaknesses of RGeo, GeoRuby, and spatial_adapter will be examined in depth. We will then discuss in moderate detail the capabilities the many visualization libraries and DBMS systems that round out the stack, with a focus on helping the attendee understand when to choose which tool.

Finally, we will explore some examples of geospatial applications that are 1) inspiring and 2) use different elements of the stack as discussed during the session.

Although this presentation will incorporate a limited amount of the content that I have presented on the topic at other conferences, this is a new presentation that examines the actual tools that a Rubyist would use in their daily work. I have developed this material in response to feedback on my “Intro To Spatial Programming” presentation whereby users have asked overwhelmingly for direction on how to navigate the landscape of tools and technologies at a very technical level.

It’s important to note that this presentation is not a re-hashing of my prior work: it builds upon it. For those who have seen me present on GIS and Geospatial before, the additional information will be a welcome addition to their knowledge base. For those who are just being introduced to the topic, I’ll review just enough material to make them comfortable diving in to the details.

Photo of Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson


Before you ask: no, he is not THAT Peter Jackson. But yes, he can get a table at nearly any restaurant in LA.

Peter Jackson is a mountain climber, rails developer, project manager, and musician from NH. His work for Intridea is based out of Washington DC, where he is responsible for delivering Rails and mobile applications to their clients.

He has been building and delivering web and mobile-based solutions since 1995. A trained Scrum Master, he believes strongly in applying Agile principles to deadline-driven environments to foster high performance.

Before coming to Intridea, Pete was the Vice President of Engineering for Kajeet, Inc, where his team built a national mobile phone service for kids. Earlier in his career, Pete worked as an Enterprise Architect and Developer for a number of large corporations.

His technical passions include geospatial programming, location based applications, data structures, and the fanatical removal of cruft.

Originally from Baltimore, Pete holds a B.S. degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, and an M.B.A from Loyola University.

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Picture of Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson
06/07/2011 7:13am EDT

Slides are available here: cl.ly/1C2P2J0C0O2G3K0X0v1Z

Brian Long
05/18/2011 5:47pm EDT

A great overview of GIS and potential for use within Rails applications.

Peter, thanks for your presentation.

Picture of John Athayde
John Athayde
05/18/2011 2:53pm EDT

Great talk! Please post the slides when you have a chance