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Scaling with Friends

Geoffrey Dagley (Zynga With Friends)
Location: Ballroom I
Average rating: ***..
(3.41, 22 ratings)

What started with two brothers in the McKinney Public Library is now a world wide word phenomenon on multiple mobile platforms. We’ll look at how we have grown, the mistakes we made, and the changes we have made along the way:

  • Serving millions of players a day: Stats, stats, stats!
  • Working with constraints:
    * 1 service, 2 games (and counting)
    * Native clients means backward compatibility, ftw!
  • How do I know what to fix? Instrumenting and reporting on everything
  • Where is the data? Using the database, memcache, Redis to the fullest
  • What we did wrong? What we did right? What would we do differently?
Photo of Geoffrey Dagley

Geoffrey Dagley

Zynga With Friends

Geof is a senior engineer/toymaker at Zynga with Friends. He has been a rocket scientist, an ERP software engineer, a programming instructor, and a web developer. Now he plays games all day… at work

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Picture of Conrad Taylor
Conrad Taylor
05/22/2011 11:42am EDT

It always refreshing to hear a company speak about their issues and talk about how they resolved them. This was a very good talk and I would recommend to anyone that needs to scale their site to support many users. Bravo!!!!!

Picture of Jesper Richter-Reichhelm
Jesper Richter-Reichhelm
05/18/2011 9:24am EDT

It was very interesting to see that Zynga with Friends had very similar problems like we had – but they had chosen a different path to solve them.

Excellent talk, I really enjoyed it.

Charles Feduke
05/18/2011 8:26am EDT

This was an excellent, excellent presentation. Execution! Substance! Scalability, warts, evolution – all of this highly relevant to my job. This is what I came to RailsConf for.