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Migrating To Rails 3 - An In-house Developer's Perspective

Chetan Krishna (OPNET Technologies, Inc), Mark Johnson (OPNET Technologies, Inc.)
Location: Ballroom I
Presentation: external link
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(2.53, 17 ratings)

Working as an in-house developer can present a unique set of challenges. A large percentage of our apps are intended for internal use and even those apps that are customer facing will include an internal admin interface. Because of this, each new app needs a base set of features.

Our in-house development tools have transitioned to open source technologies like Ruby on Rails, mysql and apache. Likewise the patterns that we have come to apply for rapidly developing in-house apps have evolved. This presentation is going to give attendees an in-depth look at what these patterns are and how we apply them at OPNET using Rails 3.

Patterns / base features we’ll talk about:

  • Core models/migrations and synchronization
  • Shared data/resources
  • Batch Processing
  • Using a base app as a seed for templates to create new apps
  • Custom database.yml setup
  • Exception emails
  • Single sign-on user authentication using Devise
  • Application specific configuration definition
  • Access control using declarative_authorization

We will discuss the various alternatives considered and some of the pitfalls experienced that has led us to our current approach.

As part of the presentation we will make available, through github, a example template that can be used by others as a starting point.

Photo of Chetan Krishna

Chetan Krishna

OPNET Technologies, Inc

Chetan is a Senior Application Developer at OPNET Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of solutions for managing networks and applications. Chetan has over 6 years of experience in developing web applications and was a primary architect in OPNET’s transition to the Ruby-on-Rails development environment.

Photo of Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

OPNET Technologies, Inc.

Mark is the AVP Business Application Development at OPNET Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of solutions for managing networks and applications. Mark has been developing web applications for over 15 years. OPNET has adopted Ruby on Rails as their platform of choice for all in-house application development.

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Ynes Alarcon
05/19/2011 3:15pm EDT

I like it!

Brian Long
05/18/2011 5:36pm EDT

I appreciated your presentation today. You showed some of the ‘dirty’ work of running Rails in a legacy environment. It was also clear that you were well prepared as presenters.

Picture of Chetan Krishna
Chetan Krishna
05/18/2011 3:52pm EDT

Thanks for the feedback Simon.

The slides are available at: www.slideshare.net/mellowco...

Simon Lee
05/18/2011 12:35pm EDT

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Would like to see about getting your slides if you could post it up somewhere to download.