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The Other Meta: On Rails and What Matters to Me

Paul Campbell (Hyper Tiny)
Location: Ballroom IV
Average rating: ***..
(3.50, 4 ratings)

Rails is an amazing tool. It enriches my life and I’m proud to use it
in my day to day work. But Rails is far more than a web framework.
Embodied within the expression “Ruby on Rails,” for me, is a culture
that transcends syntax, grammar and logic, going way beyond. This is a
talk about what being a Rails developer means to me, why I’m proud to
be one and why you should be too.

Photo of Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell

Hyper Tiny

Paul is a Rails Developer from Dublin, Ireland.

Paul is a founding member of HyperTiny ( http://hypertiny.ie ), a small Rails shop based in Dublin, Ireland. HyperTiny have garnered strong international acclaim in the 2 years since starting up, having launched a string of successful projects with Engine Yard, Ian McFarland, Jonathan Siegel, Joi Ito, Easons and their own product, Ketchup, an online meeting notes tool.

Paul spoke last year at RailsConf, RubyConf, Scottish RubyConf, the Dublin Web Summit and a number of other regional conferences and meetups.

Paul also co-curates FunConf (http://funconf.com), a boutique web conference hosted in amazing locations in Ireland.

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Picture of Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell
05/21/2011 3:44pm EDT

Thanks for the feedback, Josh!

Josh French
05/20/2011 5:40am EDT

I loved this. Paul captured the creativity and sense of joy that first drew me to the Ruby and Rails communities.