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Justin Gehtland (Relevance, Inc.), Aaron Bedra (Relevance, Inc.), Chad Humphries (Relevance, Inc.), Jared Pace (Relevance, Inc), Jon Distad (Relevnce), Rob Sanheim (Relevance, Inc.)
Location: Ballroom IV
Average rating: ***..
(3.09, 11 ratings)

Contributing to open source is great for your career. In a few short hours, you can learn, teach, promote your skills, and improve the quality of the community. In this unique workshop, we will show you how, by doing it.

  • download the source code
  • build and run tests
  • use rcov and code review to find problem areas
  • refactor some code
  • create and submit a patch

Take this opportunity to begin contributing to a Ruby on Rails open source project that interests you. Experts from the Rails community will be on hand to help you get started.

Photo of Justin Gehtland

Justin Gehtland

Relevance, Inc.

Justin co-founded Relevance in 2003 to put agile practices and new technologies to work solving problems and making waves.

Photo of Aaron Bedra

Aaron Bedra

Relevance, Inc.

Aaron is a member of Clojure/core and a developer for Relevance Inc where he works as a technical lead, author, and speaker. He is the author of “Rails Security Audit” and co-author of the coming second edition of “Programming Clojure”.

Photo of Chad Humphries

Chad Humphries

Relevance, Inc.

Chad has spent the last 10 years roaming the earth building web applications for companies large and small. During his journeys he has contributed regularly to open source in .NET and Ruby.

He was last seen championing the causes of Behaviour Driven Development and proper use of the Queen’s English.

Jared Pace

Relevance, Inc

Rails developer at Relevance

Jon Distad


Jon is a developer at Relevance, Inc living in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo of Rob Sanheim

Rob Sanheim

Relevance, Inc.

Rob Sanheim is a software developer with over ten years development experience and over twenty years of IT experience in many domains. He loves Ruby, timeless design, and simple software that gets stuff done. Rob is a believer and practitioner of common-sense agility, open source, and software that is fun to create and fun to use.