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Craft, Engineering, and the Essence of Programming

Glenn Vanderburg (First.io)
Location: Ballroom I - II
Please note: This and all other keynotes will be live streamed and recorded.
Average rating: ***..
(3.35, 37 ratings)

People really get bent out of shape about what programming really is.
Is is engineering, craft, art, or science? Or something different entirely?
But the real question is: does knowing what programming really is
help us to be better at it?

Photo of Glenn Vanderburg

Glenn Vanderburg


Glenn Vanderburg is vice president of engineering at First.io. Previously, he was a software engineer and chief architect at LivingSocial. Glenn has been programming Ruby since 2001.

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Jeremy Friesen
05/23/2011 5:46am EDT

The keynote was very insightful, showing a lot of thought going into modeling the “disclipline” of software engineering/craftsmanship.

Picture of Olek Poplavsky
Olek Poplavsky
05/23/2011 5:04am EDT

I liked this keynote A LOT, makes one really think…

Andrew Langman
05/22/2011 4:46pm EDT

Glenn’s ideas were insightful, and his delivery was articulate.

Picture of Steve McKinney
Steve McKinney
05/21/2011 5:17am EDT

the best keynote of the conf. very insightful.

Picture of Iain Hecker
Iain Hecker
05/19/2011 2:32pm EDT

great keynote, important stuff, should be known by ever software developer/engineer/craftsman everywhere!