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Craft, Engineering, and the Essence of Programming

Glenn Vanderburg (LivingSocial)
Location: Ballroom I - II
Please note: This and all other keynotes will be live streamed and recorded.
Average rating: ***..
(3.35, 37 ratings)

People really get bent out of shape about what programming really is.
Is is engineering, craft, art, or science? Or something different entirely?
But the real question is: does knowing what programming really is
help us to be better at it?

Photo of Glenn Vanderburg

Glenn Vanderburg


Glenn Vanderburg is a software engineer and Chief Architect at LivingSocial. He has been programming Ruby since 2001.

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Jeremy Friesen
05/23/2011 5:46am EDT

The keynote was very insightful, showing a lot of thought going into modeling the “disclipline” of software engineering/craftsmanship.

Picture of Olek Poplavsky
Olek Poplavsky
05/23/2011 5:04am EDT

I liked this keynote A LOT, makes one really think…

Andrew Langman
05/22/2011 4:46pm EDT

Glenn’s ideas were insightful, and his delivery was articulate.

Picture of Steve McKinney
Steve McKinney
05/21/2011 5:17am EDT

the best keynote of the conf. very insightful.

Picture of Iain Hecker
Iain Hecker
05/19/2011 2:32pm EDT

great keynote, important stuff, should be known by ever software developer/engineer/craftsman everywhere!