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Rails for Zombies (AKA Intro to Rails - Part 1)

Gregg Pollack (Open SourceCraft), Eric Allam (Envy Labs), Nathaniel Bibler (Envy Labs), Carlos Souza (Code School), Jacob Swanner (Envy Labs), Tyler Hunt (Envy Labs)
Location: Ballroom I
Average rating: ****.
(4.54, 13 ratings)

Do you need to start learning Ruby on Rails? In this morning tutorial the Envy Labs team will lead you through all five labs of their Rails for Zombies course. Unlike other tutorials, all you need to start coding Rails is a laptop with Wi-Fi and a modern browser. All coding will be done through our web application, and there will be plenty of lab assistants to help you if you get stuck along the way. Once you’ve joined the undead and finished the corpse, Michael Hartl will be running the afternoon session of this day long Intro to Rails tutorial, which you are highly encouraged to enroll.

Note: This will mostly be the same content you can access online at railsforzombies.org. However, nothing beats the experience of a live presenter and having live help if you get stuck on a lab.

**Thank you for registering for Rails for Zombies! All you’ll need to attend the course is a working laptop with wifi, and a browser which isn’t Internet Explorer (also your iPad won’t be good enough, sorry). Before you come to the course we recommend you play through http://www.tryruby.org/. It’s an in-browser Ruby tutorial.

See you at RailsConf!

Photo of Gregg Pollack

Gregg Pollack

Open SourceCraft

Gregg Pollack is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching software development online. Most recently he is the host of Open SourceCraft, a show about the people who are passionate about Open Source Software. He also founded Code School, an online software programming school which was acquired by Pluralsight, Envy, a web application development firm, and Starter Studio, Orlando’s first technical accelerator now in it’s seventh class. He is on the advisory board for the FireSpring Fund, Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Canvs Co-working space, and the Rollins Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship.

Photo of Eric Allam

Eric Allam

Envy Labs

Eric is a Ruby developer but can sometimes get distracted by shiny things, like node.js or Cocoa Touch. He is excited by finding pragmatic solutions to hard problems, and turning those problems into compelling products. Catch him in a coffee shop and he would be just as willing to engage in a discussion of literature as he would the benefits of TDD.

Photo of Nathaniel Bibler

Nathaniel Bibler

Envy Labs

Nathaniel Bibler is a software developer at Envy Labs and co-hosts the Ruby5 Podcast. He is a long-time member and presenter in the Orlando Ruby Users Group and releases or contributes to several open source projects in the Ruby and Rails community.

Photo of Carlos Souza

Carlos Souza

Code School

Carlos Souza teaches web technologies at Code School. When not making loud noises on his mechanical keyboard, he can be found rock climbing or playing guitar.

Photo of Jacob Swanner

Jacob Swanner

Envy Labs

Jacob was previously trapped working on Java & .NET web applications before he was liberated by Envy Labs. These days he spends his time writing beautiful Ruby code and rich, client-side applications with JavaScript. When his head is not in the clouds, he’s usually thinking about his next travel adventure.

Photo of Tyler Hunt

Tyler Hunt

Envy Labs

Tyler is a veteran web developer with a penchant for the Ruby language and frameworks including Ruby on Rails and Merb. He enjoys creating practical, intuitive interfaces with semantic markup, well-crafted JavaScript, and pretty colors. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him in the kitchen cooking up new recipes and mixing classic cocktails.

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Mike Kruckenberg
05/20/2011 6:00am EDT

This tutorial was great for a new Rails guy. I had done enough Rails that there was some review, but being able to code it up was good to get a firm grasp on the basics.

Picture of Chidhanandham Arunachalam
Chidhanandham Arunachalam
05/18/2011 7:09am EDT