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25 Deployment Tips in 50 Minutes

Anthony Burns (LivingSocial), Tom Copeland (LivingSocial)
Location: Ballroom IV
Presentation: external link
Average rating: **...
(2.63, 35 ratings)

After spending the last few years developing and deploying Rails applications we’re ready to unload all the tips and tricks we’ve learned. But each nugget of experience will be ruthlessly culled to fit in two minutes. You’ll get the whole seat but you’ll only need the edge!

Photo of Anthony Burns

Anthony Burns


Anthony Burns is a passionate Rails developer and automation connoisseur. He lives an alter ego once a month in the National Guard, where he first discovered Ruby and Rails while deployed to Iraq. Dedicated to producing clean, quality applications and automating their deployment, he has worked to bring numerous projects to production systematically and effectively. Anthony is also the coauthor of the upcoming Pragmatic Bookshelf release, Deploying Rails.

Photo of Tom Copeland

Tom Copeland


Tom Copeland began programming on a TRS-80 Model I, but demand for that skill waned and he moved on to Java and then to Ruby. He has programmed in Ruby since 2004 and worked on Ruby on Rails systems since 2007. He remembers when FastCGI was the runtime tool of choice for Rails application, and he’s glad that those days are over.

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Picture of Tom Copeland
Tom Copeland
05/20/2011 5:44am EDT

Here’s a Nagios check that uses the Passenger memory function that we discussed:


Jason Meinzer
05/20/2011 1:58am EDT

It’s a small point but in the future if you’re going to actually set up a virtual machine during a demo I would suggest that at least one of you keep talking.

Teddy Caddy
05/18/2011 6:49pm EDT

This was a Capistrano only talk and was a big disappointment for me b/c there was no mention of that in description of presentation.

Picture of Tom Copeland
Tom Copeland
05/18/2011 1:22pm EDT

Slides for the talk are on Slideshare now: