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Solving Performance Problems with Horizontal Scale. (The Worker Pattern)

Ryan Smith (Heroku)
Location: Ballroom III
Average rating: ***..
(3.50, 34 ratings)

Problem 1
While AJAX is a good first step, we must consider performance of our AJAX requests. I will show you how to use caching strategies that are compatible with all browsers and environments. I will also show you how to setup background jobs to quickly process the AJAX request.

Problem 2
Some code will always run slow. I will show you how to solve the problem by not solving the problem. In stead of focusing on the individual job itself, we will look at how to leverage a whole host of cloud nodes to execute our jobs. I will provide real world example (stuff we run into at Heroku).

Ryan Smith


My educational background consists of Computer Science and Mathematics. I have contributed to projects like: ActiveMerchant, Gemcutter and others. These days I am crafting code on the API Team at Heroku. Each day I am solving problems using parallel algorithms and cloud infrastructure. I believe this to be a fundamental concept in modern web development and thus I have a passion for teaching other developers how to best apply this concept.

For more information, please visit my website: http://ryandotsmith.heroku.com

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Scott Sayles
05/19/2011 9:30pm EDT

It would be good to note that loading page content via AJAX will blast away potential SEO. While it’s a viable approach to helping solve “performance problems with horizontal scale”, you may want to warn your audience not to load significant portions of their pages with AJAX unless they don’t care about SEO. Otherwise, thanks for sharing your approach! :-)

Picture of Conrad Taylor
Conrad Taylor
05/19/2011 8:40pm EDT

I heard from others that this was a very good presentation and I look forward to reading the slides and learning what I missed.

Kevin Wang
05/18/2011 5:17pm EDT

Nice presentation – I especially appreciate the slides with detailed speaker notes. I walked in half way during the session and it helped me understand the context quite well.

Charles Feduke
05/18/2011 2:15pm EDT

I liked this talk because it was given by a developer who was genuinely excited to share something he’s done. While the concept wasn’t new to me seeing it implemented in Ruby was educational. Source code and diagrams throughout the talk helped illustrate points succinctly.