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Rails on HBase

Tony Hillerson (Tack Mobile), Zachary Pinter (EffectiveUI)
Location: Room 345
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(3.00, 3 ratings)

NoSQL! Everyone’s talking about it, but it’s a fairly nebulous term and there are lots of different approaches to the concept. MongoDB definitely is the most popular in terms of ORMs and usage, but HBase is another “NoSQL server” with a different approach that you’ll want to understand. Based on the ideas in Google’s “BigTable” whitepaper, HBase is part of the Apache Hadoop project. It’s a column based data store designed for virtually infinite scalability, and it’s easy to make use of it in your Rails project.

This talk will cover the basics of HBase: installation, structure, and schema strategies. We’ll then see a few different ways your Rails project can interact with HBase, covering the Stargate REST server, hbase-stargate RubyGem, and the Rhino ORM.

Photo of Tony Hillerson

Tony Hillerson

Tack Mobile

Tony Hillerson is a software architect for EffectiveUI. On any given day he may be working with Rails, Ruby, Java, Flex, Scala, Clojure, sbt, or shell scripts. Tony has contributed to and developed on community projects, such as RubyAMF. He’s hosted online seminars on Android for O’Reilly, written a book on Flex and Rails, and published a whitepaper on LiveCycle and EJB3. He’s spoken at conferences such as Web 2.0, RailsConf, 360|Flex and Adobe Max. Tony is interested in all levels of usability and experience design, from the database to the server to the glass. He graduated from Ambassador University with a BA in MIS. In his free time, Tony enjoys playing the bass, making electronic music, making beer, learning Latin and studying philosophy. Tony lives outside Denver, Colo., with his wife and two sons.

Photo of Zachary Pinter

Zachary Pinter


Zachary Pinter is a passionate software developer, always on the lookout for interesting tools, languages, and technologies to learn from. For the past 3 years he’s been a Software Architect at EffectiveUI, where he works with a wide range of programming languages including Ruby, Java, C#, C++, Actionscript (Flex), and Javascript. Recent interests include Android development and becoming proficient in Clojure.