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Deploying with Bundler

André Arko (Plex)
Location: Ballroom III
Average rating: ***..
(3.48, 23 ratings)

Rails 3 is here, and ships with Bundler by default. Bundler’s default mode makes things easy on developers, obsoleting that out of date list of gems in your app’s readme. Deploying, however, isn’t as obvious. What if you’re using Sinatra or something else that isn’t Rails? How do you deploy a bundled app using Capistrano, or Vlad, or your own script? What are the best practices for deploying to an app running in Mongrel, Unicorn, or Passenger? What if your server doesn’t have an internet connection to talk to rubygems.org? These questions and others will be answered by a member of the Bundler core team.

Photo of André Arko

André Arko


André Arko is a member of the Bundler team, author of the jquery-rails and haml-rails gems. He’s been using Ruby since 2005, and works on the infrastructure behind plexapp.com and the Plex media system.

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Brian Long
05/18/2011 5:32pm EDT

Good job today!