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Keeping Rails on the Tracks

Mikel Lindsaar (RubyX)
Location: Ballroom II
Average rating: ***..
(3.74, 69 ratings)

It’s not what you code, it’s how you code it.

Rails development is exploding, many new applications are being created daily. Coding these applications in a maintainable and clear manner means more than just writing specs and tests. There are a lot of parts to a functioning Rails application, and all of them are critical to the ongoing maintenance.

Maintainability is more than just making it easy for you to fix bugs. Do you really plan to be the only person who will ever be able to maintain your application for the rest of your natural life?

Drawing on 10 different real world, in production, Rails applications, this talk will cut through the theoretical jargon and dive right into what makes the different applications easy to maintain or a horror to run.

Some working titles in the presentation are:

  1. Being smart in test suites is for dummies
  2. Rails has opinions, don’t ignore them
  3. Use what you’re using while you’re using it
  4. Reinvention is over rated
  5. Databases have feelings too
  6. Code has responsibilities
  7. Consistency wins
  8. Everything in its place and a place for everything
  9. Deployment is not an afterthought

This talk will be very useful to any Rails developer who wants to build a system that will operate for the long run and more importantly, allow you to hand over the maintenance to a third party at some point, allow you to get on with your life.

Photo of Mikel Lindsaar

Mikel Lindsaar


From Sydney Australia, Mikel works as an IT Consultant, Developer and founder of RubyX.com an Rails development and support company in Sydney Australia.

Mikel is on the core commit team of the Rails framework, wrote the Mail gem and was a major part of the rewrite of ActionMailer.

He also recently ran in the RailsRumble, successfully releasing with his team StillAlive.com and last year also wrote and released TellThemWhen

He spends his days running the RubyX team providing green field application development, custom gem development as well as support, code review and mentoring on existing Rails applications. He gets his hands dirty in Rails code all the time and loves his work.

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Robert Fox
05/17/2011 2:02pm EDT

It’s clear that Mikel speaks from experience. It was great to hear from a regular Rails contributor with his background.

Picture of Paul Cook
Paul Cook
05/17/2011 10:55am EDT

Enjoyed the talk. Got some good insights out of it. Thanks!

Picture of Wesley Gamble
Wesley Gamble
05/17/2011 10:39am EDT

Very knowledgable speaker.