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When and How to Expose Services

Jamis Buck (37signals), Jeffrey Hardy (37signals)
Location: Ballroom II
Average rating: **...
(2.58, 64 ratings)

As Rails applications evolve and grow, they tend to accumulate dependencies. Often, these dependencies are shared between multiple systems (whether related or disparate), which leads the developer to question how these dependencies should best be shared. Maybe a web service is best. Maybe a shared database, with models exposed via plugins, is simpler. Perhaps another approach entirely is more appropriate.

This presentation will show attendees different ways to share these dependencies by exposing them as services, and will discuss guidelines and tips for when the different approaches ought to be used. These techniques are all taken from the presenters’ own experiences with working on 37signals’ suite of applications, and helping them interoperate, sharing data and logic.

Jamis Buck


Jamis lives in Idaho and works (remotely) for 37signals. He has contributed many libraries and applications to the Ruby and Rails communities, including Capistrano, Net::SSH, SQLite3/Ruby, and others.

Jeffrey Hardy


Jeffrey Hardy is a programmer at 37signals. He lives somewhere in the deep Canadian wilderness with his wife, his dog, and a cat.

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Dustin McCraw
05/23/2011 8:01pm EDT

Good overview of the pros and cons of all the different approaches to different api’s. Great reference material.

Picture of Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker
05/20/2011 10:35am EDT

Some good insight into the challenges of managing many apps at different points in their lifecycles. Thanks.

Steve Agalloco
05/19/2011 5:28am EDT

This was a fascinating talk, lots of insight from guys running the oldest rails app around.

Picture of Wesley Gamble
Wesley Gamble
05/18/2011 11:32am EDT

Would have liked to see some more concrete diagrams/code explanations of this topic. This felt more like an ad-hoc discussion of how things work at 37 Signals.