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Inside Groupon

Michael Cerna (Groupon)
Location: Ballroom I
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(1.65, 26 ratings)

Groupon has employed many processes, philosophies, and technologies during it’s 3+ year growth. At the center of it all has been a Rails-based stack with an immensely rich and useful toolset. Many design patterns, framework enhancements, and Ruby extensions contribute to the resiliency of the application. This presentation will address what worked, what didn’t, and what sort of SOA + Rails approach Groupon will adopt in the near future. Mike Cerna is lead developer at Groupon, having started on the project in April 2007 during it’s formative years as ThePoint.com.

Michael Cerna


Mike became a software developer in 2003 as the developer at Thinkhost.com. In the years since, he’s been involved with a myriad of West Coast startups that span academia, visual effects, gambling, and even the celebrity/entertainment industries. Mike dabbled in bioinformatics, robotics, and 3d visualization before settling on web application/business development. He is currently a lead developer and domain historian at Groupon.com.

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Bashar Abdullah
05/19/2011 4:29pm EDT

Sadly the most disappointing coming from company like Groupon. Main reason is Mr. Michael didn’t seem to have solid rich subject to discuss. Groupon guys I’m sure have a lot better inside them.

Better luck next time.

Picture of Mike Bridge
Mike Bridge
05/19/2011 6:39am EDT

Each of the point-form challenges in first part of the talk would have made an interesting case study. But the generalizations and “lessons learned” went by way too fast to really make sense.

Steve Agalloco
05/19/2011 5:22am EDT

Wasn’t what I expected this talk to be, more team building and process than technical challenges and how they addressed them. Text on slides was too small.

Teddy Caddy
05/18/2011 6:52pm EDT

Maybe I was tired from 5k run, but this wasn’t captivating. Text on slides should be bigger, too.