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Sponsorship Opportunities

For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at RailsConf, contact Yvonne Romaine at yromaine@oreilly.com.

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About RailsConf

RailsConf, co-produced by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media, Inc., is the largest official conference dedicated to everything Ruby on Rails. Through keynotes, sessions, tutorials, events, and of course lots of hallway hacking, RailsConf is the meeting place for the Ruby on Rails community.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. Learn more about Rails on rubyonrails.org

RailsConf 2011 Features

  • Four entire days dedicated to Ruby on Rails
  • A program designed around all levels of expertise from beginner to intermediate to advanced
  • The most innovative and successful Rails experts and companies showcased onstage
  • A forum for people seeking to collaborate and solve similar problems
  • A gathering place for the worldwide Rails community, including an important network of experts, alpha geeks, and innovators
  • Hands-on and in-depth guides for learning how to best employ Rails in a variety of situations and tackle common problems
  • Ample opportunities for all participants to connect, contribute, and collaborate throughout the event
  • The chance to hear the latest updates, get information, and meet some of the the Rails core development team

O'Reilly and Ruby Central are committed to promoting diversity at RailsConf 2011, and at all of our events. Read more.

Who Attends RailsConf?

  • Rails developers and programmers (independent, startup, enterprise/corporate)
  • Other open source developers seeking to expand their skillset
  • CxOs and IT managers tracking emerging technologies
  • Tech-savvy entrepreneurs
  • Rails users at every level: new, intermediate, advanced, expert
  • Others interested in web technologies and strategic implementation
  • Vendors and suppliers in the Rail ecosystem

Past editions of RailsConf brought together representatives from companies and organizations like:
American Express Publishing, AT&T Interactive, Australian Medical Council, Bank of America, Berenfield Containers, Big Creek Software, Comcast, Crowd Interactive, Defense Department, Democratic National Committee, Dominion Digital, Enova Financial, Firsthand Web Design, Gannett Production Centers, Georgetown University, Incremental, Indiana University, InfoEther, InfoQ, Intuit, Investment Instruments Corporation, Mercury Analytics, Mightyverse, Mobi Wireless, National Institute for Testing & Evaluation, NCAA, New York Times, Nokia, Northrop Grumman, Patch, Primedia, Rackspace, RI.gov, Sony Electronics, Space Telescope Science Institute, Symantec, Tax Management Associates, The Pragmatic Studio, thoughtbot, TradeKing, Tribune Company, Twitter, University of Notre Dame, USAF, Vision 2000 Travel Group, and VMware.

Past RailsConf Sponsors and Exhibitors have included:
Engine Yard, Heroku, 8th Light, Blue Box Group, InfoEther, JetBrains, New Relic, Open Hosting Inc., Rhomobile, WyeWorks, Circonus, Splunk, WorkBeast, Brightspark, Oracle, Pogo Linux, Safari Books Online, Scout, Sun Microsystems, Amazon Web Services, CodeGear, DemocracyLab, FiveRuns, Intridea, Morph Labs, RightScale, ThoughtWorks.

RailsConf Kudos

"I was amazed by the scope of development on display during the sessions: I feel like I saw a thriving and vibrant community with connections to a dizzying variety of areas...RailsConf was packed with useful information and smart people working on a wide field of interesting projects. And the chairs, Ben Scofield and Chad Fowler, were so gracious and considerate; they really provide a benchmark for such an event, and I thank them for an engrossing week. Maybe it's better to come out of a conference with even more questions than I went in with; it highlights the vibrant and expanding nature of the Rails community itself. I can't wait to see what they come up with next." — Colleen Toporek, Pragmatic Bookshelf

"I attended RailsConf last week, and it was amazing. I met a lot of amazing people (including a handful of personal geek heroes) and became truly fired up about my personal craft of programming." — Jaime Bellmyer, Kansas City on Rails

"The best thing at this conference is the energy that transpires and I really feel energized and want to start some new Rails venture. It's fun to see so many enthusiasts trying to learn, share, and push the community forward...So reflecting on these 4 past days...it was a great conference. A big thanks to the organizers and all the presenter." — Daniel Wanja, OnRails.org

"I was reminded of how crucial it is to stay involved in larger software development communities...when you step into a larger community there is more expertise to learn from. So one of the most useful parts of RailsConf was the opportunity to see other people's well written code, and their ideas for solving problems with elegant code." — Jonathan Rochkind, Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries Travels

"Unless you were born in a barn, you probably know that last week was RailsConf. Let me tell you folks, we had a blast." — John Nunemaker, RailsTips

"Every year I'm always more impressed by the amazing people I meet at #railsconf!" @felttippin (via Twitter)

"This was my favorite #railsconf by far. Lot's of great talks and inspiration!" Gabe Varela @g3ak (via Twitter)

"Awesome #railsconf - learned a ton, met awesome people, caught up with good friends, got inspired. absolutely exhausting though." Jay Zeschin @jayzes(via Twitter)

"Fair play #railsconf ... A really enjoyable, well put together few days ..." Wal McConnell @walmc (via Twitter)

"Hard to describe #railsconf. Excited and exhausted simultaneously." Nick Quaranto @grush (via Twitter)

"Thanks to everyone at @railsconf for an amazing week. My head is full by my hope is mighty! We are an amazing community #railsconf" Jay Sanders @mindtonic (via Twitter)

"Already considerinjg #railsconf a huge personal success. Just wrote some code I never thought of even trying. Very satisfied." Joel Oliveira @jayroh (via Twitter)

"#railsconf is badass!" Tom Fast @tomfast (via Twitter)

RailsConf Program Committee

Program Chair

Chad Fowler Chad Fowler
Chad Fowler is an internationally known software developer, trainer, manager, speaker, and musician. Over the past decade he has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and most admired software developers.

Chad is VP of Engineering at LivingSocial. He is co-organizer of RubyConf and RailsConf and author or co-author of a number of popular software books, including "The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development".


Ben Scofield Ben Scofield
Ben Scofield has been an active participant in the Ruby and Rails communities for the past five years, contributing to open source projects, writing both online and in print, and speaking at events around the world. He's spent time building application for startups, established companies, and competitions, and he was one of the founders of the DevNation series of local, technology-agnostic conferences. He now works as a developer advocate for Heroku.

Associate Chairs

David A. Black David A. Black
David A. Black, Senior Developer at Cyrus Innovation, Inc., is a well-known Ruby programmer, trainer, author, speaker, and event organizer. David is one of the founding directors of Ruby Central, Inc., and has been a co-organizer of every RubyConf since the first one in 2001, program co-chair for RailsConf, and program chair for RailsConf Europe. Active in the Ruby world since 2000, David is the author of The Well-Grounded Rubyist (Manning Publications, 2009), a Ruby standard library contributor, and a frequent invited speaker at technical conferences and user groups in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Rich Kilmer Rich Kilmer
Rich is VP R&D for LivingSocial. Rich is leading LivingSocial's efforts to dominate the local commerce marketplace through technological innovation. Rich, previously CEO and Co-Founder of InfoEther, also co-founded Ruby Central, a non-profit promoting Ruby and its community. Prior to InfoEther, Rich was CTO & Co-Founder of Roku Technologies. In his 20 years as a software technologist, he has been a CEO, CTO, sales engineer, designer, consultant and a systems security manager in the Air Force at the Pentagon.