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Ballroom I
Add Migrating Plugins and Gems to Rails 3 to your personal schedule
10:45am Migrating Plugins and Gems to Rails 3 Clinton N. Dreisbach (Relevance, Inc.)
Add Itch Scratching the ActionMailer API to your personal schedule
1:50pm Itch Scratching the ActionMailer API Mikel Lindsaar (RubyX)
Ballroom III
Add Using Rails - A CIO's Perspective to your personal schedule
10:45am Using Rails - A CIO's Perspective Alberto Morales (OPNET Technologies, Inc.)
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11:45am Adventures in Full Text Search Sarah Allen (Google)
Add Agile the Pivotal Way to your personal schedule
1:50pm Agile the Pivotal Way Ian McFarland (Pivotal Labs, Inc.)
Ballroom II
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11:45am Lapidary: the Art of Gemcutting Nick Quaranto (thoughtbot, inc.)
Ballroom IV
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10:45am Analyze This! Blythe Dunham (Spongecell)
9:00am Welcome and Announcements
Room: Ballroom I - II
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9:15am Plenary
Room: Ballroom I - II
Twenty-Five Zeros Robert Martin (Object Mentor Inc)
Add Gary Vaynerchuk to your personal schedule
3:10pm Closing Keynote
Room: Ballroom I - II
Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia)
8:00am Continental Breakfast
Room: Ballroom Foyer
10:15am Morning Break
Room: Ballroom Foyer
12:35pm Lunch
Room: Exhibit Hall B
10:45am-11:35am (50m) General
Migrating Plugins and Gems to Rails 3
Clinton N. Dreisbach (Relevance, Inc.)
Rails 3 is full of great new features for plugin authors: a stable API, more modularity, and the ability to hook into its generators. To add these features, though, Rails had to change a lot, breaking compatibility with many current plugins. We're going to walk together on what the major changes are and migrate some favorite plugins to be work well with and take advantage of Rails 3.
11:45am-12:35pm (50m) General
Rails' Next Top Model: Using ActiveModel and ActiveRelation
Adam Keys (Gowalla)
ActiveRelation and ActiveModel bring a lot of interesting features to Rails 3. These new libraries make it easier to write complex queries and to extend Rails to work with non-ActiveRecord objects. Learn to use ActiveRelation and ActiveModel to clean up your code. See how you can use ARel and AMo to build your own data layer or to connect to new datastores.
1:50pm-2:40pm (50m) General
Itch Scratching the ActionMailer API
Mikel Lindsaar (RubyX)
Itch scratching is at the core of any hacker. But how does it apply in the real world? This talk goes over the steps I took from scratching an itch by patching the TMail library, taking over maintenance of it, upgrading ActionMailer 2.x, writing the Mail library and then finally helping rewrite the ActionMailer API for Rails 3.0 I'll go over the tools I used, and how it all worked.
10:45am-11:35am (50m) General
Using Rails - A CIO's Perspective
Alberto Morales (OPNET Technologies, Inc.)
In today's challenging economic environment, being nimble is key. Enterprises large and small are busy adapting their business models to match the environment. More and more, IT is being asked to help with this transformation. Fortunately, over the past few years, movements like open source, social networking and virtualization have given IT powerful tools to help with the transformation.
11:45am-12:35pm (50m) General
Adventures in Full Text Search
Sarah Allen (Google)
Search is a common feature on every website, but there isn't a single common solution, nor are there easy, comparable datapoints between the options. As a Rails developer, how do you choose the right solution? This talk will review Solr/Lucene, Sphinx and Postgres' new search features, then discuss which solutions are appropriate for which problems.
1:50pm-2:40pm (50m) General
Agile the Pivotal Way
Ian McFarland (Pivotal Labs, Inc.)
In this presentation we'll share our insights into how to develop agile, robust, industrial strength code reliably and repeatably, through the application of our own flavor of XP-style agile development. We've been doing Agile for over 10 years, and Rails for over 4. We've delivered over 80 Rails apps to customers, and have learned a thing or two about how to do that sustainably and well.
10:45am-11:35am (50m) General
You May Also Be Interested in: Implementing User Recommendations in Rails
Matthew Deiters (inc)
From friend suggestions in Facebook to product recommendations on Amazon the industry is moving to more intelligent systems. We'll discuss how to discover the relationships in your app and start personalizing the experience of your users. We'll discuss different design approaches to recommendations and how to leverage various libraries in novel ways in your rails application.
11:45am-12:35pm (50m) General
Lapidary: the Art of Gemcutting
Nick Quaranto (thoughtbot, inc.)
Learn why Gemcutter won the great RubyGem hosting battle of 2009 and about the challenges the site faces in 2010 and beyond. Discover how instant code deployment with Gemcutter is changing the way not only Rubyists develop and release software, but other open source communities as well.
1:50pm-2:40pm (50m) General
Hardcore Extending Rails 3: Rolling Out Your Own Framework
Rick Martinez (Flavorpill)
Rails 3 will bring an overhaul to the framework that will make it one of the most modular and extensible development platforms in the world, all while retaining it's productive magic. For people with extremely complex applications or requirements, learn how you can roll out your own Rails-based framework to provide a DRY and clean dev experience for your team or others who share your logic.
10:45am-11:35am (50m) General
Analyze This!
Blythe Dunham (Spongecell)
Web site metrics are a must have as they provide valuable business insight. This discussion describes how to best leverage 3rd party tools such as google, and when, how, and what to track within your own rails application. 2 large rails implementations are presented as case studies: * Tracking over 2.5 mil hits/hr via nginx logs * Leveraging Mongodb in the clouds to store iphone request info
11:45am-12:35pm (50m) General
User Behavior Tracking with Google Analytics, Garb, and Vanity
Tony Pitale (LivingSocial)
User behavior tracking can be difficult. If done properly, it can be invaluable in helping to shape the evolution of your product. Done poorly, and it can lead to expensive mistakes. Learn the tools and techniques that will help you make the right choices.
1:50pm-2:40pm (50m) General
From 1 to 30: How to Refactor 1 Monolithic Application into 30 Independently Maintainable Applications
Jonathan Palley (Idapted Ltd.), Lei Guo (Idapted Ltd)
This talk shares the experience, process and best practices of splitting a single monolithic rails application into many smaller independently-developable but integrated system of applications. The result is lower development time, greater stability and scalability and higher developer productivity.
9:00am-9:15am (15m)
Plenary: Welcome and Announcements
To be confirmed
9:15am-10:15am (1h) Keynote
Twenty-Five Zeros
Robert Martin (Object Mentor Inc)
Up till now, computer hardware technology has been advancing by orders of magnitude every year; has software technology been keeping up? Now that headlong advance of hardware shows signs of slowing. Moore's law may be dead. Does that mean that software technology will have to pick up the slack? Can it? Is Ruby/Rails a hint of the future solution? If not, what is?
3:10pm-4:00pm (50m) Keynote
Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia)
Keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk.
8:00am-9:00am (1h)
Break: Continental Breakfast
10:15am-10:45am (30m)
Break: Morning Break
12:35pm-1:50pm (1h 15m)
Break: Lunch
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