Music Jam

Ron Evans (The Hybrid Group)
Location: Ballroom I - II Level: Novice
Average rating: ****.
(4.50, 10 ratings)

Bring an instrument (or your voice) and let’s make music!

Many Rails developers are also musicians. Whether you play jazz, rock, blues, pop, or whatever the case may be, come along and meet and play with other musical developers. If you can’t bring an instrument, stop by anyway. There might be extras.

Sign up to play/sing/watch on the wiki

Photo of Ron Evans

Ron Evans

The Hybrid Group

Ron Evans is a technologist for hire at The Hybrid Group and is the creator of the open source robotics/IoT framework Gobot and the open source computer vision framework GoCV. He’s also an award-winning open source software developer, businessperson, author, speaker, and iconoclast.

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Picture of Joseph Alba
Joseph Alba
06/18/2010 6:28am EDT

Now that was fun! I’m already budgeting for RailsConf 2011—and thinking of different songs to play.

Rafael Magana
06/14/2010 10:52am EDT

Yeeeeeeeeah!! It was very cool to jam with all those programmers. Ron, that was a GREEAAAAAAAT idea!!!! Congrats!

John McCaffrey
06/14/2010 9:53am EDT

I really enjoyed the music jam! It was better than bands at most bars, and it was so cool to see programmers I know in one context, just completely rock out in another context.

I took some pictures and recorded videos of the songs from the latter half of the evening, which you can see on my blog

It also inspired me to pick up my guitar and learn a few of these jam songs so I can rock out next year. Thanks for organizing it, it was a blast. -John

Jeff Kreeftmeijer
06/14/2010 5:58am EDT

Great show, I didn’t know you guys are rockstars as well. Also, Antek Piechnik made some awesome photos: :)

Picture of Diego Scataglini
Diego Scataglini
06/11/2010 7:42am EDT

Hey, Joseph (just saw your comment) you totally rocked. Was great playing with you.

Picture of Diego Scataglini
Diego Scataglini
06/11/2010 6:30am EDT

Great fun, as always. There was some real great talent this year. Thank Ron for your effort and dedication.

The Jam is something that I always look forward to.

Picture of Jonathan Budar-Danoff
Jonathan Budar-Danoff
06/10/2010 11:07am EDT

Great fun. Excellent way to meet folks and do something non-tech for a few hours. Mad skillz displayed by Ron, David, Chad, and everyone else whose names I didn’t catch. Thanks also to those who took and posted photos.

Picture of Jonathan Budar-Danoff
Jonathan Budar-Danoff
05/11/2010 4:03pm EDT

Looking forward to it!

Was at the jam at Railsconf ‘08 and had a blast just enjoying the tunage (and sharing with my wife via MacbookPro webcam).

This time, I’m local and will bring my Michael Kelly acoustic/electric bass.

Picture of Joseph Alba
Joseph Alba
04/23/2010 5:16am EDT

Best idea ever! Looking forward to it.

Anyone have an extra guitar? And, can someone print out the lyrics to Freebird?

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