Using Rails - A CIO's Perspective

Alberto Morales (OPNET Technologies, Inc.)
Location: Ballroom III Level: Novice
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In today’s challenging economic environment, being nimble is key. Enterprises large and small are busy adapting their business models to match the environment. More and more, IT is being asked to help with this transformation. Fortunately, over the past few years, movements like open source, social networking and virtualization have given IT powerful tools to help with the transformation.

Within the open source space, Ruby and specially Ruby on Rails provide a radical, fast turnaround solution. The inherent automation of Rails allows for solutions to be quickly deployed, fielded to the end users for immediate feedback. The number of steps required to get from requirements to a working prototype are substantially less than using other conventional approaches.

An organization that invests the time to get proficient with Rails can benefit tremendously. And the more an organization uses Rails, the more innovative they get in extending the automation and effectiveness. If those benefits are combined with the business domain knowledge that internal IT staff possess, an organization will view IT as a powerful ally to help it achieve the flexibility desired to navigate these challenging times.

In this session I will discuss my experiences as a CIO facing these challenges. I will discuss the ramp up curve, risks, and culture needed to allow staff to go from zero knowledge in Rails to using it for our most ambitious projects, while actively maintaining existing applications. I will go over challenging enterprise problem areas that Rails has helped us with, as well as everyday simple business processes that have been streamlined with Rails.

Photo of Alberto Morales

Alberto Morales

OPNET Technologies, Inc.

Alberto Morales is the CIO at OPNET Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of solutions for managing networks and applications.
Alberto has has held the CIO position at OPNET for over 12 years, helping
the company grow from a private 40 person outfit, to a public company with $120M in revenues with over 500 employees.
He is a progressive, hands-on CIO and uses Ruby and Ruby on Rails extensively in his enterprise. When he is not busy with his day to day responsibilities, he is cycling or working on his new pet project which is teaching ruby to kids (

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Josh Pasqualetto
06/11/2010 10:44am EDT

I really liked this talk and like that fact that there are people running company’s who have the right outlook on things. He presented well and I would like to see him talk again at the next railsconf about the nitty gritty details as to how they implement these technologies in real life from the ground level.

Andres Paglayan
06/10/2010 1:33pm EDT

Great presentation about getting real in the enterprise and the role of True IT inside the corporation. I am happy that people like Alberto sits as CIO, and would love that more businesses “get it”.

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