Avoiding and Fixing Rails AntiPatterns

Chad Pytel (thoughtbot, inc.), Tammer Saleh (Engine Yard)
Location: Room 307 - 308 Level: Novice
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(3.55, 40 ratings)

As experienced Rails consultants, and authors of the upcoming Rails AntiPatterns book, Chad Pytel and Tammer Saleh have seen their fair share of terrible code.

This half day workshop will be split into two sections. In the first, you’ll be given code with a number of AntiPatterns present, that are examples from the wild. There will be a group discussion about the appropriate fix for this AntiPattern, proceeded by a coding session where you fix the problems using suggested Rails best practices.

In the second section, members will volunteer their existing projects to undergo a group code review, identifying AntiPatterns and exploring potential best practice refactorings in real time.

This workshop is best suited for developers already familiar with Ruby on Rails. Participants should bring their laptops, setup for Ruby on Rails development, and any code they wish to share.

As part of the tutorial, the speakers will be running group code reviews
in the format of lightning talks. They will be looking for people to
volunteer to give an overview of their code (no more than 5 minutes).
They will be taking volunteers the day of, but if you know that you are
interested in doing this, please complete this form ahead of time:


Also, please make sure that you bring a computer that is set up and ready
to go for local Ruby and Rails development.

Photo of Chad Pytel

Chad Pytel

thoughtbot, inc.

Chad Pytel is the founder and CEO of thoughtbot, a software development firm specializing in Ruby on Rails and creators of paperclip, shoulda, factory_girl and Hoptoad among other projects. thoughtbot embraces both agile development methodologies and a “getting real” project philosophy. Chad was co-author of Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails (APress) and has presented at various conferences around the world. Chad lives with his wife and son in Boston, MA. When not managing projects and writing code, Chad enjoys just spending time with his family. To follow along with Chad and the rest of the thoughtbot team’s ideas on development, design, technology, and business, visit their blog.

Photo of Tammer Saleh

Tammer Saleh

Engine Yard

Tammer Saleh wrote the Shoulda testing framework, was the primary developer and project manager for Thoughtbot’s fantastic Hoptoad service, and is currently co-authoring Addison Wesley’s Rails AntiPatterns with Chad Pytel. He’s also an experienced Ruby on Rails trainer and speaker. In previous lives he’s done AI programming for the NCSA and the University of Illinois, as well as systems administration for Citysearch.com and Caltech’s Earthquake Detection Network. You can read more about him at tammersaleh.com.

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Picture of Darren Hinderer
Darren Hinderer
06/11/2010 12:43pm EDT

I liked the focus on de-normalizing in the tutorial and the tutorial in general except that it was rushed. The evaluation tips were good but could have been more succict.

Keith Norman
06/11/2010 11:09am EDT

Learned a few nice tricks to clean up my code but I think this could have been better named. Was more like “Some nice tricks to clean up sloppy code”

Picture of Michael Gee
Michael Gee
06/08/2010 6:48am EDT

I was expecting more anti-patterns, and how to fix them.

Picture of Nicholas Henry
Nicholas Henry
06/07/2010 2:28pm EDT

Agreed, I was hoping for more real world examples of anti-patterns than the focus on consulting and diagnosing a rescue project. Although it didn’t meet my expectations, it was an extremely well organized tutorial and professionally presented. Look forward to the book when it’s released.

Gregg Ganley
06/07/2010 11:39am EDT

needed more anti-patterns examples and less consulting tips

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