Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia)
Location: Ballroom I - II Level: Novice
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Keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Gary Vaynerchuk


GARY GETS BUSINESS: Meet Gary Vaynerchuk (VAY NER CHUK), a 34 year old New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author who is also a self-trained wine and social media expert. From a young age, it was clear that Gary was a businessman. At 8 years old he was operating 7 lemonade stands in his neighborhood and by 10 he had moved onto selling baseball cards at local malls. In high school while working at his family owned liquor store, Gary started reading The Wine Spectator and wine books, and realized collecting wine offered an allure similar to his previous hobby of collecting baseball cards. With a wealth of knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Gary spent every weekend of his college years at his parents’ wine store. By 1997, Gary launched and helped grow his family business from $3 million to $45 million by 2005.

GARY GETS WINE: In 2006, with a flipcam and NY Jets bucket Gary began WineLibraryTV which revolutionized the wine world. Today, his irreverent wine reviews currently attract over 90,000 viewers each day and his email queue typically holds 1,000 messages from die-hard fans, self-named “Vayniacs.” Gary’s cult-like following is the result of his unconventional, often irreverent commentary on wine. Using comical expressions like “Sniffy sniff” and “The Oakmonster,” he encourages straightforward wine tasting and debunks wine myths. Wine Library recently launched Cinderella Wine, a wine website which features one wine per day beginning at 9PM EST for 24 hours sold at a severely discounted price. Gary also owns Cork’d, where wine lovers can review, share and discuss wine in a fun, interactive way.

GARY GETS SOCIAL MEDIA: Gary is one of the first Facebook users to maxed-out his friend limit, with over 17,000 requests still pending. He also has close to 1 million followers on Twitter and was included in BusinessWeek’s list of the top 20 people every entrepreneur should follow. Gary landed a 10-book 7 figure deal with HarperStudio. The first title, Crush It! Why Now Is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion, released in October 2009, hit the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Associated Press Best- Sellers lists in its first weeks. The book maps out Gary’s road rules for how to “Crush It” in today’s business market by following your passion and building your own personal brand. In the spring of 2009, Gary and his brother AJ launched VaynerMedia, a Social Media Storytelling agency and angel investor in that helps Fortune 500 companies and individuals expand and build brand equity with clients including his beloved NY Jets, the NHL and Cadbury.

GARY GETS NOTICED: Gary has appeared on countless programs from Jimmy Fallon, LateNight with Conan O’Brien and Ellen to FOX News, CNN and NPR. He was also notably featured in Decanter Magazine’s 2009 Power List which is a list of the 50 most influential people in wine and named Innovator of the Year at Wine Enthusiast’s 2009 Wine Star Awards. Additionally, Gary was one of’s 49 Most Influential Men of 2009. Gary’s ultimate goal is to one day own the New York Jets.

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Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
06/14/2010 9:16am EDT

Fyi, the video for Gary’s talk is online; see above.

Jaime Bellmyer
06/10/2010 6:45pm EDT

Wow, amazing talk. Refreshing to hear that at the heart of his success is a moral compass, and genuine regard for others.

Jenn Stark
06/10/2010 2:20pm EDT

Thank you! I appreciate the update.

Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
06/10/2010 1:19pm EDT

Sorry for the inconvenience to those who didn’t find it when it was live. Gary’s talk was streamed here ( You can still watch it there using the on-demand menu, and it will soon be available from this page, YouTube,, and the RailsConf podcast channel.

C Su
06/10/2010 12:16pm EDT

Grrrrrr! Where is the access?

Scott Morris
06/10/2010 11:48am EDT

Count me in…all hyped up and nowhere to go!

Jenn Stark
06/10/2010 11:41am EDT

Agreed—I was pinged to come listen, but where can I tap in?

Suzanne Roy
06/10/2010 11:34am EDT

Would love to have listened, but nowhere to listen in…

Guilherme Silveira
06/10/2010 11:32am EDT

it didnt finish yet. its already the best talk. thats passion…

Todd Trzaskos
06/10/2010 11:24am EDT

live talk somewhere?

Rich LoPresti
06/10/2010 11:19am EDT

Go Gary!

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